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Thanks for stopping in to view Subterrania, Daniel Dodson's latest series of original paintings. If possible, see the paintings firsthand to observe the astonishing depth, movement, and holographic quality of the luminous and fiery colors on textured metals. If you wish information about the prices, shipping, or want to know the nearest gallery representing his work, please email. All images in this collection are reproductions of Daniel Dodson's original mixed-media paintings on various metals.

(all images linked to larger views)

All paintings in this collection are reporductions of Daniel Dodson's original mixed-media paintings on various metals.

Blue II Abalone Just Before Sleep
Blue II
60" X 48"
30" X 40"
Just Before Sleep
48" x 40"

Morning Three Rivers Silver
30" x 40"
Three Rivers
36" irregular circle
28" X 36"

Outer Latitudes Inside the Moon Rush Hour
Outer Latitudes
20" x 16"
Inside The Moon
60" x 48"
Rush Hour
16" x 20"

Gold Copper Blue Frequency Waterfront
Gold, Copper, Blue
36" irregular circle
48" x 60"
16" x 20"

In Red (In Process) In Red Tekhenge
In Red (In Process)
30" x 24"
In Red
30" x 24"
28" x 36"

Vertical DNA Detail of Just Before Sleep Subterrania
Vertical D.N.A.
40" x 30"
Detail of Just Before Sleep
48" x 40"
60" x 48"

Lost City (In Process) Lost City Network
Lost City (In Process)
24" x 30"
Lost City
24" x 30"
24" x 24"



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All of the images contained within this website are copyrighted by Daniel Dodson, and are protected by United States Copyright Law and International Copyright Law.